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Personalized fitness programs by Kalla


Training Styles

Training sessions focus on body awareness, athletic performance, injury prevention and increasing energy. Noticeably improve cardiovascular endurance, joint mobility, flexibility, muscular strength and balance.

Foundational Work + Pilates

Building core strength ensures your ability to progress within a particular training program in the safest, most-effective way possible. Learning proper form and purpose will increase your performance and decrease your risk of injury. This method of exercise is performed with mostly bodyweight and requires little to no equipment.

Resistance Training

Resistance i.e. strength training, improves muscular strength which protects your joints from injury. It also decreases bone density loss and will help you maintain independence as you age. Resistance training is performed using a combination of bodyweight, dumbbells and resistance bands.

Yoga & Therapeutic Stretching

Traditional yoga breathing techniques improve respiration, energy and vitality, helping you maintain a balanced metabolism. Combining breath and movement improves cardio and circulatory health, athletic performance and protects you from injury.
It can be helpful to use tools such as a yoga mat, set of yoga blocks, a strap, blanket and/pillow when performing many of these stretches.

Self-Myofascial Release

Self-myofascial release, known as foam rolling, is a form of self-massage. This type of trigger point therapy is essential to the performance of your muscles, increases your range of motion, flexibility and helps you move better. A large, soft-medium density foam-roller is what's necessary for these exercises.

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Kalla Sauls

NASM Certified Personal
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Psychology BA

My holistic approach to exercise is built on strengthening the mind-body connection through breath-based, slow and controlled movements. These exercises help balance your physiological state, relieving stress while making you stronger and improving your mind-body awareness. Having studied psychology for over ten years, I discovered the positive relationship between exercise, mindset and overall-wellbeing. While also experiencing it first hand on my own fitness journey. I've witnessed people do incredible things and this is what motivates me. As your coach, it is my mission to spread this awareness, help you develop sustainable solutions for lasting health, happiness and confidence.