Annual Membership Pass

We are offering an annual fitness pass with exclusive perks and token-gated access to online fitness training, wellness meetings, in real life events, a mobile app group, downloadable fitness content and more.

Personal Fitness Coaching

Personalized support in reaching your goals

Downloadable goal-setting tools and the ability to book online personal training sessions.

Online Fitness Classes

Weekly online group fitness

All sessions are recorded and available for you to access anytime in the video library.

Wellness Meetings

Facilitated through Twitter Spaces and Zoom

Join and receive personalized support in our wellness meetings. Connect with others, share experiences and talk all things health, fitness and lifestyle.

Fit Mobile App Group

Connect anytime

The Fit by Wix mobile app group contains exclusive content such as exercise videos, workout plans, recipes and more.

Written Workout Plans

Downloadable PDF files

Downloadable written workout plans, workout planners, delicious recipes and other health and fitness resources.

Community Events

Locations TBD

Attend IRL meet ups and fitness classes.

Mat Pilates x Strength Training
Grab your mats and join in this live-body weight burning, online workout!
Oct 24, 12:00 PM – 12:40 PM MST
Online class through Zoom Video Call

Our Mission

Community is everything.

Non-Fungible Fitness (NFF) is online wellness community centered around health and fitness founded by Kalla. The NFF mission is to provide resources and tools that will help you be successful and motivated throughout your health and wellness journey. 


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